You play games. I make games. I hope we meet.

Who are we?

YOPEY YOPEY is an independent game development shop located in Taipei, Taiwan. It opened in 2014.

It was founded by David Figatner, a former video game lawyer who sought the better life of animating pixels. He was told repeatedly that such a life was not glamorous: late nights, pale complexion, and certain failure. He did not listen. (Game Developers never do.)

YOPEY YOPEY creates games that are thoughtful, winnable, and (hopefully) delightful. It uses simple rules and rudimentary graphics to uncover fun and deep gameplay.

Hopefully you will try our games and let us know what you think!

How do we do it

YOPEY YOPEY develops its games using Javascript and HTML5 and runs the them under Cordova on iOS and Android devices. Some games are also available on the web. It uses many open source libraries, and contributes much of its underlying code to open source.

Many of our games provide Leaderboards using our backend servers running node.js on Digital Ocean (referral link). I plan to use these backend services to provide cooperative games.