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Privacy Policy

Your information should be your information and developers should not use your information. This is my evolved philosophy, so in all my new projects, I no longer use analytics or advertisements. In some of my older games, however, I did experiment with ads to generate income. Those games incorporated APIs from the likes of Google to serve the advertisements during gameplay. These APIs also include tracking and analytics data that are sent to those advertisers. As I update each game, I remove this code. One day I’ll have no games with advertisements and I will remove this part of the policy.

Some of my games send scores to my servers (hosted at Digital Ocean to create leaderboards to share with you and other players. I anonymize all data and do not store personally identifiable information, such as your IP address. I also do my best to limit the server logs created by my servers.

If you have questions about these policies please contact me at support@yopeyopey.com.