apps by david figatner
You play games. I make games. I hope we meet.
This website showcases the amazing Taiwanese/American artist, Julie Hsieh. Based in Taipei,Taiwan, Julie creates conteporary art with acrylic, Chinese ink, and oil paint.
This is my most active javascript open-source library. It is a a 2D camera designed to work with pixi.js. It supports one-finger dragging, two-finger pinching and moving, bouncing, animating, and lots more.
This website showcases exhibitions and artists as seen at Yuan Ru Gallery, an art gallery centrally located in Taipei City with a view of Taipei 101. The Gallery has an ambitious program of exhibitions and projects by established and emerging artists. It represents artists of international standing, and also introduces and supports upcoming artists.
This is my website circa 2002 where I shared my musings (thoughts), stories, doodles, and photos. The photos have been removed because of family privacy concerns, but otherwise this is a snapshot of my earlier life.