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Arcade Mode available in Shmush: The Spinning v2.0
February 17, 2019

Almost 8,000 people have played the game (and a few even liked it)! I’ve been hard at work on the next update to Shmush: the Spinning, and I’m happy to announce that it launched today

It’s available for free on the iOS Appstore and Google Play.

The new version includes an arcade mode. This is a fast-paced mode that uses the same mechanic as the original puzzle game, but adds a twitch element. Shmushies are falling (and they’re falling fast) and you need to keep clearing them to ensure there’s room for the next one. Think of tetris meets Shmush. Try it out and let me know what you think!

I also used this opportunity to clean up the user interface and fix some bugs. It should be easier to see your ranking and choose your game type.

I have one more update in the works, and then it’s time to take the lessons from this game’s release and move on to my next one.

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