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Bukoo is a deceptively simple puzzle game where you match colors and shapes to clear the board in as few moves as possible. Compete against the world for the highest score!

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How do you play this game?
    This is a hard game. There. I said it up front. You’ve been warned.

Your goal is to clear all the shapes off the board. You select a shape by pressing it. You then select any neighbor (i.e., a shape to its right, left, top, or bottom) of any selected shape that either has the same color or the same shape. Let that sink in a moment.
You may also unselect a previously selected shape. Unselecting does not impact any selected shapes.
Once you have more than three shapes selected, you press the release button at the bottom of the screen. The selected shapes disappear. The remaining pieces fall down and are then pushed to the left to remove empty columns.
The button next to the release button undos the last move if you make a mistake.

  1. How do you win?
    You win by completing all the levels in the game. Obviously.

You gain a star from completing the board in the minimum number of moves. The more levels you complete and stars you have, the better your ranking.

  1. I’m stuck. Help!
    Everyone gets stuck on this game. The key to beating the difficult levels is to remember that you may unselect shapes after using them to select other shapes. This lets you plan ahead to leave key shapes in place to use after clearing the current selected shapes.

  2. What’s with the weird UI?
    Bukoo was the first game I developed and released on the app stores. It was originally a Windows game with an even uglier UI. But after I started YOPEY YOPEY, I rewrote it and started to hone my design.

It’s still one of my favorites from a gameplay perspective, but the game’s UI looks a bit long-in-the-tooth compared to my newer games.

Technical Game Information
Latest Build: 3.0.0
Change Log:
Programming Language: HTML5 and Javascript compiled on Cordova
Game Engine: bespoke - see my Github repositories for open-sourced components