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The Ides

The ides is a brain-twisting puzzle game. The goal is to change all lights to the same color. Each light type has a different rule. You’ll need to figure the rules to solve the puzzles.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What do I do?
    You slide your fingers across the screen changing the lights. The shape of the light indicates the type of light. The simplest light, the circle, changes between green and red each time you touch it. Other shapes have other rules. Your job is to figure them out.

  2. Why do the lights keep resetting?
    There are two no-nos when pressing the lights. First, you cannot go back to the previous light you touched (there’s a white circle on that light). Second, the light must be a neighbor of the first light. That is, the light must be above, below, to the right or the left of the first light.

  3. What’s with the smiley face level?
    As the title of the level says, blame Maya.

Technical Game Information
Latest Build: 1.0
Change Log:
Programming Language: HTML5 and Javascript compiled on Cordova
Game Engine: bespoke - see my Github repositories for open-sourced components
Graphics Engine: PIXI.js
Sound Engine: howler.js
Storage Engine: localforage
Source Code Editor: Visual Studio Code
Graphics Editor: Affinity Designer
Audio Editor: Ableton, Audacity
Fonts: Centabel
Source Code Repository: Github
Work Spaces: Sprout, Tiff's Places
Sound Files: