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Slime Wrangler

Try to herd different slimes together. Nudge slimes to make them move. Similar slimes will combine to form larger slimes. You lose if your slime leaves the board or runs into a slime of a different type.

Will you figure out the properties of the slimes?

Can you slime your way to the end?

Technical Game Information
Latest Build: 1.3.1
Change Log:
Programming Language: HTML5 and Javascript compiled on Cordova
Game Engine: bespoke - see my Github repositories for open-sourced components
Graphics Engine: PIXI.js
Sound Engine: howler.js
Storage Engine: localforage
Source Code Editor: Visual Studio Code
Graphics Editor: Affinity Designer
Audio Editor: - audacity - ableton
Favicons Generator: RealFaviconGenerator
Fonts: - [SquareFont](http://www.dafont.com/squarefont.font) - [Timotheos](http://www.dafont.com/timotheos.font)
Source Code Repository: Github
Work Spaces: Sprout
Sound Files: