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F. Ross Tee's Snowy Adventure

Ah, the magic hat. Put it on a snowball and you have a snowperson. But it takes more than just a magical hat to make a real snowperson that can survive the springtime.

In this side-scrolling runner game, you must find ingredients to craft all the magical items a real snowperson would need: carrot nose, coal eyes, buttons, and a scarf.

Work your way through the Village Square to search the surrounding areas for your items. Finish before springtime and you win! Take too long and you lose :(

This game was written in less than 30 days for Great Winter Game Jam - 2020.

Technical Game Information
Change Log:
Programming Language: HTML5 and Javascript compiled on Cordova
Game Engine: bespoke - see my Github repositories for open-sourced components
Graphics Engine: PIXI.js
Sound Engine: howler.js
Storage Engine: localforage
Source Code Editor: Visual Studio Code
Sound Files: